The Sara

The Sara was created by our good friend Sara Michael, who one evening around the fire pit on the Filling Station patio requested this dangerously delicious mix…and thus a legend was born…

Platt Park Phaded Pale Ale

5.1% ABV | 42 IBU | 16-oz. pour | $7.00 A bright and crisp American-style pale ale that features the much sought after citra, Nelson, Sauvin, and El Dorado hops. A wonderful citrus and hop profile makes this a house favorite.  

Melvin Back in da Haze IPA

6.5% ABV | 58 IBU | 16-oz. pour | $6.00 Back in da haze of the TMU days, we were dropping fresh loads of hops into our beers after the boil, and even more in the fermenter. People thought we were crazy: why would you waste so much money and hops?! Turns out we were...

Wibby Schwibby Winter Schwarzbier

5.4% ABV | 37 IBU | 16-oz. pour | $7.50 Despite its dark color, this brew drinks surprisingly smooth. The oats used during the brewing process create an enjoyable, creamy mouthfeel. Schwibby Schwarzbier is well-balanced and super drinkable. Enjoy this dark lager...

Grimm Bros. Blood Orange Griffin Hefeweizen

5% ABV | 5 IBU | 16-oz. pour | $7 The Weizen yeast produces spicy citrus, clove, and pepper notes unique in the beer kingdom; now combine this with the sweet citrus of the blood orange and the rareness shines through with complexity.