6.5% ABV | 55 IBU | 16-oz. pour | $8

Have you ever heard of an ESB? In most cases, it stands for Extra Special Bitter, and man is this red extra special. Conundrum walks the line between a malt-centric sweet ale and a hop-centric bitter ale so well, it’s tough to describe. Quite the conundrum indeed! Think if it in simplest terms: it has a sweet malty profile like the Brown Bear Ale at first, though mostly caramelly instead of chocolaty, but then the taste sensation in your mouth changes to the floral bitterness of our secret hop recipe. If you love the Independence Pass Ale, but sometimes just want something a little “mellower,” something with a little more malt profile, this beer may be what you’re looking for. If you like our Brown Bear but are thirsty for something with a bit more snap, give it a try! So far, everyone’s loving the stuff!